John Overman Photography | How the Amazon Product Photography Process Works

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Pricing and What You Get

$20 per shot regardless of the number of photos

What can you expect from doing business with us?

  • High resolution 300 DPI photos
  • Editing to include removal of dust and scratches
  • Pure white background (RGB 255)
  • Proper cleaning and detailing of product
  • Instant delivery of finished product via
    direct download
  • Royalty free unlimited use
  • Hard work to get the job done right!
  • Involved and personal experience!


How the Process Works
The Easiest Way To Get Professional Photography

Step 1 I Place Your via email

The process as simple to get started.
Contact me via email by clicking here:

Step 2 | Ship Us Your Product & Tell Us How To

Together, we review your product.  Decide on the number of shots needed.  For example, what angles are desired and will a model be required to convey your desired intent.  We encourage clients to use their cell phone or other means to provide angles and ideas for your product(s).

Once you've put your order together you'll ship your product to me.  
The client will be responsible for return shipping, if needed.

Most of our clients like to call prior to placing an order, this is a great way to get to know our clients better and understand what you're looking for to produce the best results.

Step 3 | We Shoot It

Once we have received the product shipment, we'll confirm via email that everything has arrived intact.  We'll use the notes and examples you provided to tell us how to shoot your product. If we have any questions we'll contact you. Just sit back and relax and wait for your pictures to be ready!

Step 4 | Download Your Pictures!

When the pictures are ready, you'll be sent a link to a Google Drive/online gallery. The photos in this gallery are watermarked and compressed.  If you approve of the images, we will send the full-sized and full resolution photos in another gallery.  The files will be formatted in JPEG, TIF and PNG.  

If you don't approve, we will work with you to get the job done right!  Payment is due upon completion of the project and prior to the delivery of the final, full-sized and full resolution shots.